ESSE 2020

Du 31/08/2020 au 04/09/2020

Lyon - France

Programme social

Included in the conference's registration fee are:

– a welcome cocktail party on the evening of August 31 (booking required at the time of online registration)

– and a 2-hour walking tour of the city (booking required at the time of on-site registration)

The following events can also be booked for a fee:

– the gala dinner, which will be held at the Château-Perrache Mercure Hotel on the evening of September 3 (53 euros; booking required at the time of online registration)

– 3 bespoke tours which can be booked on the website of our partner, New Generation Guide

1. a culinary tour-slash-lunch at Lyon's covered food market on Sept. 1 and 3 (2.5 hrs, 49 euros)

2. a tour of Lyon's silk heritage sites on Sept. 2 and 3 (3 hrs, 19 euros)

3. a half-day outing to the nearby Beaujolais wine region on Sept. 4 (4.5 hrs, 49 euros)